Car Wraps

Wrap VS Paint

Our background in custom paint and paint correction motivated us to search for alternative options as these methods can problematic and can be irreversible if done incorrectly. After years of experiencing custom paint jobs becoming easily tainted through ordinary wear and tear, we found the perfect solution. With the accelerated advancements in vinyl and adhesive materials, a vehicle wrap is the perfect way to protect the original paint while adding a touch of personality to your prized possession.

A vehicle wrap is the ideal and only choice if you're looking for custom graphics or you're simply the type who enjoys changing colors every so often. It's a much greener alternative than paint as the manufacturing processes of paint releases harmful contaminants into the environment. A wrap is completely reversible and uses significantly greener material in comparison.

Protect your original investment for years to come and improve the resell value of your car. Almost all modern day auto manufacturers use robotic machinery to paint vehicles for perfect coverage and removing the possibility of human error. This original finish can never be replicated even through the highest equipped paint shops. If you're deciding whether to wrap your vehicle or paint your vehicle, we always recommend a wrap as it'll protect your original paint, and it's completely reversible. You'll have a wall of protection from the inevitable wear and tear of rock chips, ordinary road debris and UV fade.

Chose your wrap...

  • Gloss

    A gloss wrap is often overlooked when it comes to vehicle wrapping because of its
    similarity to paint. We believe that it's this resemblance that makes it striking and satisfying at the same time.
    A gloss wrap is the ideal choice for a paint-like appearance as it's indistinguishable to the naked eye.
    It looks like paint, shines like paint, but unlike paint - it's reversible.

  • Chrome

    Reflective, glistening, gleaming, a mirror. No matter how you choose to describe it, chrome is
    the most mesmerizing, eye catching and distinct wrap you can choose. It's distinction comes from the inability to
    achieve this finish with ordinary paint. Our chrome is available in a variety of tints, from original chrome,
    to black chrome, to even pink chrome.

  • Satin

    Cars have come standard with a glossy clear coat for decades and has become the norm.
    But a subtle twist in the clear coat makes Matte & Satin wraps particularly popular. Matte and Satin finishes carry a unique
    smooth, frosted and silky color that's only possible though today's consistent vinyl material.

  • Brushed

    Stainless steel is iconic its signature metal characteristic look and brushed appeal.
    One way to get that metallic appearance is through a brushed wrap - whether on simple interior trim, or
    the entire exterior of your vehicle. We use the highest grade brushed materials that not only carry unique colors,
    but that also its signature brushed texture.

  • It ain't a wrap, unless it's impressive wrap.