Liberty Walk BMW M4

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    Liberty Walk BMW M4


Wide Body M4

We partnered with the Japanese tuner, Libery Walk to build our show car. It utilizes their full wide body kit which includes a front bumper, front fender extensions, side blades, rear flares and rear bumper.

Matte Chrome Silver

With the overwhelming popularity of chrome wraps, we went with something a bit unique to the 'chrome' wrap scene - Matte Chrome. The Matte Chrome finish is ideal for keeping a raw metal appearance without the mirror effect you get with standard chrome. It's much more subtle than Chrome as it doesn't carry a glossy and glimmering exterior, however the metallic depth of this finish is what attracts.

Final Result

The final project we were truly amazed with. Our partnership with KW suspensions, Toyo Tires, Savini Wheels, Liberty Walk and Meisterchaft Exhaust set our M4 apart and made it one eye catching M4. It was the final Matte Chrome wrap that made it significantly eye catching with its metallic depth not seen on any vehicle during that time.

  • It ain't a wrap, unless it's impressive wrap.